2020 Vision: Can it help 2013 project reality?
















A lot of what we’ve been saying is wrapped up in this nifty 12-page document.  It’s a corporation “getting it” when it comes to sustainability.  And in our book we gave examples of how IKEA did indeed integrate this into projects and project management.

It appears that they have helped set the bar.  Take this quote, for example:

“When it comes to the IKEA business, unless we act boldly, price increases for energy, wood, textiles, metals and plastics will affect our costs and force price increases for our customers. Even if concerns about sustainability or climate change are put to one side, being careful with resources, managing costs for the future, controlling energy use and looking after your people is good for business.”

So if your leadership is saying this, how do you react – and how do you ‘proactively act’ – as a project manager?

We’ll be referring to this later.  For now, do us – do yourselves a favor, and read through this document.  Click on the image or the link below to have it magically appear on your computer or tablet screen.


As you read it, think about how a message like this, from top leadership, can – and should – affect your next project charter, procurement plan, risk management plan, HR management plan, quality management plan and so on.

We’d appreciate any reaction you have – whether you’re a sustainability professional or a project, program (or programme) manager, or a portfolio manager or a business analyst, or, even an IKEA shopper.  All perspectives are appreciated. Go on, leave a comment.  We read them!