Another Brick In The Wall


Sometimes, things just fit together.  Like bricks in a wall.

Two news stories (at least news to us) came across the EarthPM newsdesk simultaneously.  Really, there are three stories that all seemed to naturally coalesce into one.

One was a story about a new form of carbon capture that creates building blocks – literally – from carbon.  In this report from Earth Techling, the new process is described.  Our blog post image, literally cut from their “wall” photo, shows the final product of this process.  Here’s the key quote from that story:

“A research team comprised of members from the University of Newcastle  in Australia, the Orica chemical company, and carbon innovation company GreenMag Group claims to have discovered a way to transform the captured CO2 emissions into carbonate rock ‘bricks’ for use in the construction industry.”

The second story is one discovered on the CNN show, The Next List, and a feature they did on the non-profit group Pura Vida and their work in Guatemala with Eco-Bricks.  This came up in parallel with our research for a presentation we’re doing at APCON 2013 in Costa Rica.  The Eco-Brick technique allows construction (mainly of walls) with discarded plastic beverage bottles, filled with other trash, to form the basic structure of a wall (with some further bracing and support, of course).  Just below this paragraph is a teaser from CNN on that story.  Fascinating and innovative.

The third story in this little montage comes from the world of radio.  And, in a way, video. And old progressive rock and roll. While Miley Cyrus was doing her “thang” on MTV,  others seriously interested in creating actual music and video have been doing some interesting work.   Pink Floyd’s 40-year old album, The Dark Side of the Moon, has become the inspiration for a new BBC2 drama called Darkside.  The promo video for this new show is embedded below.  If the teaser is any indication, the show will have a significantly strong sustainability theme.  Watch the video – it’s chilling.  The connection here is actually to Pink Floyd’s later album, The Wall.  So if you will give us the liberty of moving ahead from one album to another, you can see the connection – bricks in the wall, eco-bricks in the wall, and The Wall.

Another thread: all of the stories here speak of anticipation.  We anticipate the success of projects like the carbon-sequestration-into-bricks.  We anticipate our conference participation at APCON.


And we anticipate this promising radio drama from BBC.

Join us in … anticipation.  Don’t be just another brick in the wall.