Tomorrow, tomorrow…


annie tomorrow

You can bet your bottom dollar on tomorrow…

In the Broadway musical Annie, the lead character, sings:

The sun’ll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There’ll be sun!

Just thinkin’ about tomorrow
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
‘Til there’s none!

When I’m stuck a day
That’s gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,  Oh!

The sun’ll come out
So ya gotta hang on
‘Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You’re always a day away.

Turns out, tomorrow, Tuesday, 25-June-2013 is the actual tomorrow for the United States to make some improvement in policies surrounding climate change response.  And project managers, hold on, Mr. Barack Obama will be addressing you in particular.  Through our deep network of investigative reporters, we have obtained a secret leaked video (okay, okay, so it was posted on in which President Obama provides a hint of what he will announce – tomorrow.

Have a look at our not-so-secret-after-all video.  Note the reference to scientists and engineers.  We wish he had mentioned project managers by name, but you know, I know, and certainly the scientists, engineers, and business leaders know that these efforts are all projects and they need sustainable-minded project manages to manage these projects.

Starting tomorrow.

I love ya, tomorrow!

See the video below.