Today, Today


As you might imagine, we follow up our Tomorrow, Tomorrow post with one called Today, Today.   Seems logical.  So we did it.

Today, 25-June-2013 was the day (as promised via our not-so-top-secret leaked video) that US President Barack Obama gave his speech on climate change.

Generally we are not a political organization.  We tend to de-politicize the issues of project management and sustainability because we know that there is an intersection, we know it’s important, and we know that more project managers need to be aware of this intersection.

And, we’re not going to get too political in this post.  However, of necessity, this is a US President giving a speech, which of course, in today’s US politics automatically polarizes everyone.  So what we will do to stay out of the fray and in the realm of facts is to provide you with the President’s speech, and a link to the President’s announced plans, but also to provide you with a reaction from one of the networks which typically is not a huge fan of the President.

As a project manager, use your skills in Stakeholder Management to step back and understand the interests and positions of the stakeholders.

We’re interested in  your feedback and what in particular you think of:

  • The speech
  • The plan
  • The reaction


The speech:


The Plan :


The Reaction: