Two new videos featuring PM leaders we admire


In our teaching and consulting we run across some folks who are outstanding in what they do – and we admire that. We’re lucky enough to have met these gentlemen and we can tell you that they know of what they speak!

Without much introduction, we’d like to point your attention to two videos today, one each from these folks.  The videos were only recently uploaded to YouTube.

The first is a great video simply introducing our field – project management – to the world.  Greg Balestrero, former PMI CEO and now (and we love this title) Strategic Advisor – Corporate Consciousness, Sustainability and Leadership at IIL (International Institute for Learning), is your host on a tour-de-force of PM’s history, present, and future.

The next is by an exuberant speaker  and PM expert Ricardo Vargas, from Brazil, author of 11 books on Project Management and creator of several very short but effective YouTube videos on diverse PM topics.  In this one, he takes you through the 5th Edition PMBOK(R) Guide in a unique and powerful way.