The Psychology of Sustainability – the Green Brain


This is one of the better talks on Sustainability we’ve heard in a while.

It’s by Simran Sethi, a journalist who has been called one of the 10 (or 20, depending on who’s counting) most influential women in sustainability.  Here she talks about the way she personally experienced ‘culture clash’ when she moved to Lawrence, Kansas from New York City.  But the scope of her talk is much larger – and she covers topics near and dear to  our hearts as project managers, such topics as stakeholder management, risk response, even (though not mentioned specifically) Maslow and Herzberg’s motivational theories.

A couple of quotes (or near quotes) we like:

“those who don’t believe in science believe in thermometers

“value exists beyond the balance sheet”

“when it comes to assessing and responding to risks, as humans we tend to react only to those which are

  • instantaneous
  • imminent
  • personalized
  • repulsive”

Watch it – you will enjoy it.

You’ll find it on the video site – just click HERE.  It’s under 12 minutes long.  You have the time.  You won’t be sorry.