Sony. No baloney. And no cadmium, either.



The cover of our book shows a tree.

The tree is yielding paper money rather than leaves.

It’s an image that is supposed to bring to mind the idea that caring for the planet and “doing good” will pay off.

We found a recent article on that summarizes this story for Sony of Japan.  It focuses on an aspect which gets a full Knowledge Area in PMI’s PMBOK(R) Guide – Procurement Management.  For an enterprise, this is called the supply chain.  For a project manager, it’s the result of a “buy” decision.

In the article, which we won’t duplicate here, since it’s short, well-written, and to the point, Sony discovers the benefits of a turnaround from a situation in which it lost many, many millions of dollars due to cadmium getting into their Playstation product, and therefore forcing a costly recall and investigation.  From this situation, Sony revamped its entire supply-chain management system, now attaining much better control not only over poisons but other aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Sony found that the driving issues for improving supply-chain management from a CSR perspective were:

  1. Stakeholder interest.
  2. Leadership.
  3. Risk and cost management.
  4. Regulatory pressure and compliance.

If these seem like items that are of concern to project managers, you are absolutely correct.

We suggest you read the article.  Further, we know that a lot of our readers are IT professionals.  For that reason we also provide you a link to a free resource on this topic:
a report entitled “Sustainable Supply Chain Management in IT“.


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