Our students speak out!


We ran our first online webinar with the Sustainability Learning Centre recently and just today got the results in terms of student feedback.   It was great to work with Kathryn Cooper, a true pioneer in learning and sustainability.  The combination of an interactive learning environment and her dedication to making the course a success made it a pleasure to deliver this course.  The course, SC155, Green/Sustainability Project Management, was taught using web-based lectures, discussions, and importantly several interactive sessions using a fictitious software company as an interwoven case study.  Students were encouraged to post to each others’ contributions which led to a fantastic group learning experience.

This is what’s so rewarding for us.  The high scores and great reviews.  And we’re not too proud to share these with you!  Or maybe we are.  In any case, we can’t contain our (and evidently their) enthusiasm!


  • Very positive experience. Would certainly consider more courses with the Sustainability Learning Centre.
  • I wasn’t sure what to expect out of this workshop.  I thought it was a good combination of project management, and green – especially for those who are not familiar with PM practices
  • I thought the presenters set the expectations well at the beginning to help frame the course. I was one of the people who was familiar with the sustainability aspect but wanting more detail on some of the project management tools. The speakers made clear that this course was in fact directed at experienced project managers who want to know more about sustainability, but they would try to accommodate both. That helped frame my own expectations and helped me focus on certain parts of the material.
  • Workshop was conducted well with minimal  technology glitches.
  • I appreciate the online learning forum. It took me awhile to decide how to prioritize what I wanted to take away from the program to serve my company’s needs. All of the supplemental links to additional resources and the making the slide deck available helped me concentrate more on the learning than making sure I successfully captured the key takeaways. Thank you for that!
  • Totally loved it!  I look forward to taking more courses in the future.  Really appreciate Dave & Rich, their commitment to sustainability and the format of their teaching.
  • This workshop helped me get a sense of what level of understanding and experience I have relative to other people and to better understand the current status and trends in integrating sustainability

When asked what the students liked the most, they said:

  • The online community environment was rich. A real compliment to the Speakers and Facilitator.
  • The online format and the ability to listen to recordings.
  • Participation – I learned as much from other participants, their input, ideas and perspectives as I did through the slides, book and research
  • the flexibility of the whole thing was great – it allowed me to fit this learning into my work at a time when I could not have gone to attend a course for a couple of days – It also allowed me to access the resources in a very flexible way
  • the exercises were very well designed to consolidate the concepts
  • I also liked they way the book was used in relation to the exercises – you really had to read and think about it to be able to apply the concepts
  • The speakers and the slides were really good; some of the materials in teh slides were very informative and relevant to what I do at work.
  • I liked the flexibility of the speakers to cater to some of the feedback received in the initial learning survey.
  • The connection of project management to sustainability concerns. Quoting areas to find more information, and where to get more training
  • I really liked the format of a lesson every other week, and an assessment every other week.  It was easy to manage.  It was also good that we could access the webinars after they happened


You’ll hear more from us regarding this type of session as it was indeed a real win-win.


Happy New Year!