To K or Not to K

Those of you who know us, or have followed us in some way, know how we feel about single-service coffee machines.  We certainly don’t have anything against them as a traditional project, but the non-recyclable, non-compostable single service coffee containers used by these machines is where we have an issue.  It is one of sustainability and looking at a product with the final disposition (end game) in mind.  We believe, while not part of their decision making process ourselves, that the decision to use this type of coffee conveyance was ill advised.  We know there is an alternative for the Keurig called “My K-Cup.”  It makes an okay cup of coffee, but we believe there are some design flaws. Specifically, the water flowing through a single hole seems not to “percolate” completely through the coffee, you have to remove the K-cup holder to use “My K-Cup” and it has two pieces to clean.

Of course, when there is a popular item like a single-serve coffee maker, there will be people looking to design a “better mouse trap.”  Along comes Brew Riteâ„¢ from Rockline Industries, a very “green” company on its own, the subject of a future blog posting.  In the meantime, I want to talk a little bit about the Brew Rite.  We are not in the habit of endorsing products, but thought you’d be interested in an alternative for the Keurig because we have talked about the single-service coffee maker a lot.  So here’s the story.

(1)  You don’t have to remove the K-cup holster to use it.



(2)  There is better water dispersion through the coffee.



(3)  Easy flip lid to add coffee.



(4)  Heavy mesh coffee filter for consistent brewing.



Bottom line is that here is an alternative that is easier to use, makes a great cup of coffee (yes, we had to try it), and if you consider the average coffee drinker drinks 3 cups a day, that will replace a lot of the little K-cups going into the waste stream.  The Brew Rite costs vary, but are about the same as the “My K-Cup” and if they aren’t now, will be available in your favorite supermarket or kitchen store.  If you don’t see it, ask.

If you want to learn more about Rockline click here.

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  1. Hi, this product sounds great! I’m exactly in the market for a greener single serve coffee maker, so your post was timely. But I can’t seem to find it via Google based on what you wrote. Could you send me the model number? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

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