The Zeronauts

We just wanted to take a moment to draw your attention to a new book – The Zeronauts -by John Elkington, recognized as a sustainability leader and credited with coining the term Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit).

Of course, in our book, Green Project Management – the 2011 Cleland Award Winner for Literature), we bring *us* – project managers – into the picture, as we should be.  After all, we are the ones deploying projects and programs – enabling long-term operations (a bridge, a piece of software, a new service) to go “live” – in the steady-state.  And after all, we are the ultimate change agents, since projects are – by definition – all about change.

So here at EarthPM, we firmly believe in the Triple Bottom Line, but consider ourselves so fundamental to sustainability management that we envision a quadruple bottom line – (People, Projects, Profits, Planet).

But however many bottom lines people add, let’s get back to Elkington (below) for a moment. His books have been influential. We’ve provided a link for you directly to an executive summary. We think you’ll like it.

John Elkington