Making a big deal out of energy savings begins at home!

As project managers, we always seek integrative negotiations – those in which the pie is enlarged rather than split up in a zero-sum-game.

One of our colleagues has arranged just such a win-win for kids and parents.

Paul Reale, who we’ve interviewed here before at EarthPM, is the principal at Green Allowance.

And now, Green Allowance is seeking investors and interested utilities.

Green Allowance LLC encourages kids to make a deal with their parents. Kids save energy around the house, and parents share the savings with the kids as a, well, Green Allowance! The service includes a web site that helps kids pick what they’ll do to save energy – a bit of project management there, and it also reports on the actual savings. Green Allowance’s business model is to sell to utilities; most of which are interested in promoting conservation.  Check out their web site at  Also, you can see a very short video which tells the story here.

Green Allowance has a utility customer in southern California, and it is seeking investors to help them promote conservation among general consumers, develop integrated smart grid software and, of course, broaden its reach to other utilities. If you’re interested in knowing more, write or call them today! or 646-873-7587.