“The organism is an organism”.










“The organism is an organism.”


The title of this blog post is a quote from David Berry.  It comes from a truly fascinating article from Boston Magazine, linked here.

The quote is  not from  Dave Barry, the columnist from The Miami Herald, and author of some fairly funny books…but David Berry, 33-year-old founder of Joule Unlimited.

To draw from the article, and whet your appetite to consume it all – despite the fact that it features pond scum,

“Berry and his team have figured out how to grow algae that are little diesel-making machines, designed to do nothing in life except ingest sunlight and CO2, drink water, and crap pure, clean fuel. And if Berry’s done his math right, these bacteria are the secret to a petroleum-free future. It’s only a matter of time, he says, until they eliminate the need for oil pulled from the ground. Joule Unlimited is not going to reduce our reliance on oil. It’s going to wipe it out.”

This is fascinating stuff.

The quote, “the organism is an organism”, comes from a part of the interview when Berry did not want to get any more specific about the type of cyanobacteria (pictured above) which was being “trained” to become the next major provider of the Earth’s energy needs.

And it’s a “green-by-definition” project, one in which the product of the project is related directly to sustainability or environmental issues.

Remember, we say that you don’t have to be on this type of project to think green, but it’s still inspiring to take a look at this side of the green project spectrum for inspiration – and just to have a peek at some of the brilliant work being done in this area.

We suggest reading the article and getting some of that good ol’ pond-scummy inspiration!