Ocean Therapy from Waterworld?


Just a short update on the Gulf Oil spill.

First of all, as mentioned in our updated post about the spill, you can watch a live feed of the leak directly at BP.com now.

Also, not related to fixing the cause, but still possibly going a long way towards repairing the symptom, Kevin Costner has been investing in a centrifuge technology to separate the water and oil, and it looks like BP is going to take Costner up on trying it in the gulf.  It involves deploying up to 300 “Ocean Therapy” machines which have the capacity to spin the oily water at high speeds and separate out the oil, producing nearly pure oil on one hand, and nearly pure seawater on the other.  Will it be as successful as the movie Waterworld?  Is it an Oilfield of Dreams?  Stay tuned.

From a project management perspective, BP is clearly in the workaround mode, and let’s all hope that this workaround…works.

Read the story here, and see a video news segment about that here.