For Earth Day: some videos to ponder

Earth Day is (at least in the US) 22-April of this year.

greg craven

Here at EarthPM we’ve actually found some entertainment and informative value in the following videos produced by physics teacher Greg Craven on climate change.

What’s intriguing about these videos is that they speak to familiar project management tools in Risk Management and decision-making which are applied here to climate change.  Not only are familiar tools used but a few new ones are introduced.  We really urge you to look a the two introduction videos, see below.

An introduction: Part 1

An introduction: Part 2

Did you like these?

Well- he has a series of 7 videos on Risk Management (tied to climate change), we provide links to the first three here:

Risk Management – Part 1

Risk Management – Part 2

Risk Management – Part 3 (of 7)

You can get the rest by going to his channel at YouTube. Or, you can visit, a site focused on this work.

Oh, and we almost forgot.  Like us, Greg wrote a book.  You can find it here on Amazon.