Climate bill – an update


Baby steps were taken yesterday to overcome the stall of the climate bill.  It really comes down to the order in which two controversial bills (one on immigration and this one on climate change) are handled.

Below, from AP, is the top of that story, and below that, you’ll find some links for more detail.  At least here at EarthPM, you can count on us to have things in order…but what else would you expect from a project management blog – sequencing tasks in the proper order for efficient execution…

By Matthew Daly
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday he is willing to bring up climate change legislation ahead of an immigration bill, the first step toward resolving a dispute with Senate Republicans that threatened to derail a bipartisan effort months in the making.

Reid said the long-delayed climate bill “is much further down the road in terms of a product” than the immigration measure, which remains unwritten.

“The energy bill is ready. We will move to that more quickly than a bill we don’t have,” the Democratic leader told reporters. “I don’t have an immigration bill.”

Reid’s comments were intended to help resolve a dispute that emerged during the weekend when Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham threatened to withhold support for the climate bill if Reid pushed ahead first with an immigration legislation.

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