COP15: Let your voice be heard (and face be seen) !

Have a pressing question for world leaders about climate change? This is your chance to ask it on television.
Yes, that’s right – you have a chance to get your question posed on worldwide TV.
CNN and YouTube are conducting a live debate in Copenhagen on December 15, where leaders and activists at COP15 will come together to answer your top-ranked questions on climate change.

It’s incredibly easy, just go to and submit a question (with or without a video).

Once on the site, just pick a topic such as “General Questions”, “Economics of climate change”, “Consequesnces on our earth”, “Governments & Business”,  “Developing world issues”, or “The Treaty at COP15”.
We’ve already submitted a question  under “Economics of Climate Change”, so we encourage you to go there and vote on and/or answer the question.

This effort just started and already about 4,500 people have posted questions and over 30,000 votes have been accumulated.  Join the effort and let your voice be heard, no matter where you stand, and whether you agree with the assertions of the scientists or are a climate change cynic.  It doesn’t matter – it’s just a chance to speak up and maybe earn some fame!

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